Arizona Foothills Couple’s Photoshoot

This couple’s shoot in the Arizona foothills was an absolute dream. I adored shooting with Kass and Jordan and witnessing the effortless connection and love they share. I arrived in Phoenix, Arizona the day before we planned to shoot and went exploring to find the perfect location. While I was there I decided to try something new & went horseback riding at Pondero Stables. On the drive there I found this stunning spot to shoot at in the Arizona foothills. I could just imagine the color palette of the buttery grass along with the pinks and blues of sunrise. I sent Kass and Jordan the location and met them there the next morning.

Sunrise shoots bring a peace and calming feeling that feels so unique to that time of day. We took our time wandering around the foothills and I absolutely adored exploring the Arizona nature with them. We listened to some peaceful instrumental worship music by UPPERROOM and Steffany Gretzinger. I loved seeing them connect with each other as well as get to hear more about their life in Arizona. It was truly a dream morning with these two.

Getting photos taken with your partner is not only for special occasions. You don’t need an engagement, wedding, or anniversary to book a shoot. It is important to capture the everyday love in the scenery that is familiar to you. For Kass and Jordan that was celebrating their life together in Arizona with a shoot in the Arizona foothills.